SB50 was stopped in the Senate, which is good news for California.

A grassroots coalition of concerned citizens challenged the deep pockets of a bad idea … and won!

SB50 was stopped in the Senate, which is good news for California. 

A Better Way Forward to House California (betterwayca.org) was formed to develop a housing program that addresses the needs of all Californians and all communities. SB827, and its child, SB50, clearly were aiming at the wrong target. SB50 was never an affordable housing bill, it was a luxury housing bill. We, like the majority of California’s voters, know the real issue is affordability. Tearing out single family homes in modest areas and replacing them with luxury multi-family units does not house those who live in these neighborhoods today. 

SB-50: Letter to Senator Portantino

A Better Way Forward to House California, a/k/a Better Way CA, opposes SB 50, as amended 1/6/20, due to fiscal and structural problems with this one size fits all legislation – enormous cost and consequences for infrastructure and services necessary for density, ill-conceived intrusion into local planning and zoning and unintended, far-reaching consequences for cities, counties, communities, taxpayers, homeowners and renters. The housing crisis is an affordability issue not a numbers issue.

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