Better Way CA’s mission is to find and establish a path for housing all Californians.


We advance our mission through recognition of the following values:

1. Affordable Housing

We believe that our families, communities and the State cannot survive without providing housing that is affordable and available to all Californians.

2. Local Government Solutions

We believe that local government is in the best position to understand and develop housing solutions that have community support. 

3. Advocating for all Californians

We believe in equal advocacy for all Californians – tenants, homeowners and the unsheltered.

4. Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity, inclusion and equity are necessary to good governance and will result in stable, livable and equitable communities.

5. Financial Assistance & Incentives

We believe that Federal, State and local governments should provide financial assistance and incentives to proven nonprofit developers when market rate housing fails to provide housing for all Californians.

6. Thoughtful Urban Planning

We believe housing for all requires thoughtful urban planning and State funding for infrastructure such as transportation, sewer systems, schools, open space, public safety and emergency preparedness.

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